Rockland Athletic Club

The club was founded in 2003  By Joe Reis and Thom Roache. With the backing of many local companies many which still support the organization today. Reis and Roache approached the Rockland Legion Post 147 to see if they would once again like to have legion baseball back in Rockland. With their blessing they approached the state to purchase the right to the Rockland American Legion franchise in Zone 10 and after extensive meetings and fund raising the rights were granted. In 2003 the team took the field for its first game as Rockland Post 147 with its coaching staff of Joe Reis, Thom Roache and Bruce Kannenberg. In 2004 Reis and Roache took over basic control of the Rockland Cardinals, a team playing in the Cranberry League,  with the blessing of Joseph "Myles" Angeley and then full control in 2005 with the Passing of Angeley on August 12th 2005 at the age of 78. In 2011 Reis and Roache continued to build their program an added on to the legion program with the addition of the Rockland Junior Legion Eagles Post 147.  All 3 teams are thriving today and the organizations goals are to assist players in their pursuit of higher baseball opportunities as well as assisting them to higher educational institutions with the hopes they will be able to give back to the community and baseball in the future.

Rockland Cardinals Managed by John Colitti: 

Coach Colitti has been with the Cardinals for the past 8 seasons and has been managed for the past 5 years taking the team last season to the Stan Musial Tornament. Coach Colitti is also assistant coach for Bridgewater Universtiy.

Rockland Senior Legion Post 147 Managed by James Dolan:


Coach Dolan is in his first season as Manager of the Senoir team. He coached the Jr. Legion team in 2014 and 2015. He is also the Manager for Archbishop Williams High School.

Rockland Junior Legion Post 147 Managed by Jeff Leafer: 

Coach Leafer is in his first season as Manager of the Junior Legion team. He was assistant coach of the Jr. team in 2014 and 2015. This past year Jeff was inducted into the Cranberry League Hall of Fame 2015. 


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