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                                                       INTENTION, CODE, REQUIREMENT DOCUMENT


   Intention;    It is the intention of the coaches of American Legion Baseball to provide Zone 10 with                            the best Amateur Baseball possible. Furthermore, they intend to contact as many College Scouts                         and  Semi Pro Scouts as possible to enhance the chance that the ballplayers in Legion Baseball                         receive every opportunity for further education and obtain scholarships. It is the Rockland                                     Athletic Clubs' intention to create a serious baseball environment to provide a catalyst for our                               ballplayers to continue a career in baseball. 

 Intention ;     The team will be selected by a panel of 4-5 coaches and experts.     

                         The team will carry up to 18 ballplayers of various skills.                                 

                         *****PLAYING  TIME IS NOT GUARANTEED IN ANY GAME .*****

                         Playing time will be at the discretion of the coaching staff and not by only

                         one individual. Every effort will be made to put the TEAM and a PLAYER in the best position 

                         for a positive outcome. 


Code;         It is expected that all Legion ballplayers conduct themselves in

                   a professional manner with CLASS both on an off the field.

                   ON Field, there will be no throwing of equipment, profane language,

                   obscene gestures, taunting others, or unnecessary roughness.

                   OFF Field, Social Media Posting, Non Approved Pictures of other Players or Coaching Staff, Team                          Selfies, or Comments, Insults, and opinions derogatory to players, coaches, The American Legion,                        Rockland Post 147, or Rockland Athletic Club and Officials  IS NOT ALLOWED.  

                    PENALTIES MAY RESULT


Code ;         Problems among teammates and with the coaching staff are

                    NOT settled IN PUBLIC. We will have a 24 hour cool off period before discussing      

                    the situation. BACK TALK to a COACH or UMPIRE will result in SUSPENSION OF PLAYING TIME.


 Code ;        The use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Vape, Marijuana, and or Drugs (non prescription) prior to or during a                         game or practice is GROUNDS for REMOVAL from the TEAM  

                     The use of these substances at any time by a ball player is frowned upon by Legion Baseball  

                     and may result in penalties.    ZERO TOLERANCE


  Required;                 100 Percent effort at all practices and games

                              Arrival 10 minutes before a practice is to start

                              Arrival 60 minutes before a game is to start

                                       Proper Baseball Attire and Gear at all practices

                            Complete Uniform and Gear worn at all games


  UNEXCUSED; Missed Practice or Late to Practice MAY result in PENALTIES


Required ; Participation in the American Legion Poppy Drive or other FUND RAISING ACTIVITY can                                           be required .   Fundraising Operations will be a TEAM Function at times. Players and Parents maybe                    required throughout the year for community service functions for Legion exposure.


Required ; The ballplayers uniform WILL BE RETURNED in proper condition on the LAST GAME  


Required ;  All NEW  Players on the roster MUST supply their ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE 

                                                                         for  Legion  Approval .    

                    It MUST have the raised seal on it Said certificate will be returned  as  promptly as possible


Required ;  **Your Complete Understanding of this Document !!!


Required;   You and a Parent should read also


  SEASON FEE =  CHECK for $350 are Payable to R.A.C.

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